URILYZER 100 PRO URINE ANALYZER with printer Urīna analizators UEILYZER 100 ar printeri

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Urilyzer® 100 PRO is a semi-automated and compact urine test strip reader that offers a broad range of optimized features. The intuitive user interface improves data entry and allows manual entry of colour and turbidity from a predefined list or by an additional comment.Moreover, the system provides the user with a high level of customization with flexible testing and reporting options.The intelligent database-driven data management provides multiple filter options.To be used with urine strips 24057, 24062, 24063, 24064 only·CD manual in GB, DE, IT, SE, NO, DK, ES.Internal software: GB, FR, IT, ES, DE, GR, NO, SE, FI, DK, HU, CZ, RO, RU.

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